Audi continues to tease us with the 2011 A1, which may or may not be headed to the U.S. This time around the automaker is boasting that its upcoming hatchback will be the "first premium automobile in the compact class," capable of outshining rivals like the MINI and Mercedes-Benz A-Class.

Those are strong words but Audi is working hard on the high-precision body of the A1, perfecting its paint finish and hopefully leaving potential customers in awe of its refined interior. Additionally, Audi is also boasting that the A1 will set new standards of quality in the compact class.

Evidence of the premium character of the A1 will be found in every last detail in the interior--in the selection of the materials, in their processing and in the tight, even gaps. Some elements include the surface of the instrument panel, which will be softly backed with foam, while all buttons and controls should move precisely and even the pull handle that unlatches the hood release should do so crisply.

The latest video in Audi's drip-fed promotional effort shows a presentation by Werner Zimmermann, Audi's chief of quality control. He is responsible for the high standards that apply to every vehicle project at Audi, from development to production and from the suppliers to the customers.

“Our brand is venturing into what for us is a new class with the A1,” Zimmermann explains, “but the smaller size of the vehicle does not mean that the customers expect anything less than they always do from an Audi.”

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