It's safe to assume that anyone in the market for a Bugatti Veyron probably has more money than they know what to do with, so marketers would be smart to promote a range of a range of accessories for the car with hyper-inflated prices.

Not surprisingly, we've already seen several watches--with $100,000 pricetags--designed exclusively for the 250 mph supercar and now we have details of a simple pen that retails for a cool $15,000 and will be produced in a limited run of 499 units.

Designed and manufactured by Italy's Ferrari da Varese (no, the company has no ties with the rival supercar company from Maranello) on behalf of Bugatti, the bespoke Bugatti Type A pen is constructed from aluminum and plated in nickel, then sterling silver, then palladium and finally platinum. Other details include a rhodium-coated 18kt gold tip, a sapphire glass window and a black embossed Bugatti logo.

What better way to sign all those cheques for maintenance costs of the Veyron. After all, $15,000 for a pen doesn't seem that unreasonable when you're paying around $10,000 every 2,500 miles to change your tires and more than $60,000 for new wheels with every three tire changes.