We just got our first official glimpse at the new 412-horsepower, 5.0-liter 2011 Ford Mustang GT last month ahead of the 2010 Detroit Auto Show. Today pricing information for the GT and the 305-horsepower 3.7-liter V-6 has leaked via an enthusiast site.

The leakage contains numbers that are not all that surprising, though they do reveal a slight price hike for the new model. The base V-6 coupe starts the lineup off at $22,995, while the least expensive V-6 Convertible starts at $27,995. Moving up to the GT, the coupe starts at $30,495 and the convertible runs from $35,495. Adding the Premium trim to any of these adds a premium of about $3,000.

So how does the 2011 Ford Mustang's pricing stack up to the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro's? Pretty well--although the Camaro V6 starts out a few hundred dollars cheaper at first glance, when the destination charge is added in (it's included in the Mustang prices listed above) the Mustang is actually about $600 cheaper. The same goes for the Camaro SS, which starts at $30,945 plus an $850 destination fee, making it about $1,350 more expensive than the 'Stang GT.

The Mustang also one-ups the Camaro by offering a convertible. Though the new Camaro has had convertible concepts since 2007, so far the car has yet to make it to market. The latest word on the matter is that the Camaro 'vert is due in March--of 2011.

For a full run down on pricing of the various 2011 Mustang models, including some of the available options packages, check out the link below.