Ordering a custom Bentley just got a whole lot easier. Sure, you still need to be well-heeled, but now you can leverage some of the styling expertise within Bentley's design department thanks to the Series 51 Continental package.

The Series 51 package, available on the Continental range’s GT, GT Speed, GTC and GTC Speed models, will start at $192,750, which gets you behind the wheel of the GT coupe model. From here on, prices start to rise depending on how much you wish to customize your vehicle and with thousands of configurations available through Bentley’s expansive color and trim catalogue, things could start to get very expensive very quickly.

Series 51 Bentley Continental

Series 51 Bentley Continental

Series 51 is named after the year that the first official styling department was established in Crewe by John Blatchley (pictured), who shaped the original and iconic Bentley Continentals from the 1950s. Every Series 51 car will feature a highly-distinctive interior color palette and unique exterior design cues.

Bentley’s designers have also selected a range of new materials for the dashboard and center console to complement the three-tone interiors.

On the outside, 20-inch 14-spoke polished Diamond alloy wheels with dark center caps set the car apart, as does a signature "51" badge on the front fenders. Two-tone paint can also be ordered, offering a central contrast color over the hood, roof and trunk lid.