2011 DUB Edition Ford Mustang 5.0 By Nelly

2011 DUB Edition Ford Mustang 5.0 By Nelly

The 2011 Ford Mustang GT complete with its 5.0 badging and new V-8 engine has made its hip-hop debut alongside Grammy Award-winning artist Nelly as part of his upcoming album's artwork.

The album, set to launch this spring, features this modified version of the Mustang GT on its front cover.

Nelly picked the Mustang because of its undeniable status as one of the world’s most iconic sports cars.

"I don't care where you grew up, everyone knows the Mustang. At some point, you've had a conversation about a Mustang--and it was probably one about you wanting to get behind the wheel of one," says Nelly. "I've always loved the Mustang; the vehicle has power to the point where you can't help but want to hit the pedal. And the newest one? More power, hotter style."

This particular Mustang GT came to life after Nelly caught a glimpse of the vehicle while inside the walls of Ford's design studio a little more than a year ago as part of a partnership tied to the launch of the 2009 Ford Flex. Since then, Nelly has collaborated with Ford's design team and DUB Magazine's customization team to make the Mustang his own while still keeping the vehicle true to its muscle car roots.

The exterior of the vehicle features a custom gloss black paint job with flat black racing stripes and a one off custom wide-bodykit complete with 22-inch wheels up front and 24-inch wheels bringing up the rear. The vehicle also includes a billet grille, hood scoop, tinted taillights, Eibach springs, angel eyes headlights and a Borla exhaust.

In addition, the interior is a complete suede and leather design with a custom JL Audio system that includes two 12-inch subwoofers, amps and speakers.

2011 GTCS Mustang GT

2011 GTCS Mustang GT

Also on show at this week’s 2010 Detroit Auto Show is a new 2011 model year version of the California Special Mustang GT package. The GT/CS model as it's known was first introduced back in 1968 with mostly body modifications and a graphics package. This package stayed true to it's origins when it was reintroduced in 2007 for a three year model run. Now the California Special package is back for the 2011 Mustang GT with similar body modifications and graphics package like the 2007 model.

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