At this week’s 2010 Detroit Auto Show Cadillac showed two new vehicles, one production and the other a concept, which highlighted the brand’s expanding Platinum and V-Series trim levels--which brand chief Bryan Nesbitt says will be offered across the Cadillac range, including on the upcoming 2012 XTS.

The two vehicles are the Platinum XTS concept car, which essentially previews a new Platinum edition of Cadillac’s upcoming flagship sedan due in 2012, as well as the CTS-V Coupe (pictured), which is a high-performance version of the new CTS Coupe.

Most readers would immediately recognize the V-Series as being Cadillac’s high-performance model designation, similar to the M label from BMW and AMG from Mercedes-Benz. The Platinum specification isn’t as widely recognized but it is simply the most luxurious trim level for Cadillac models and is generally characterized by upgraded interiors with hand-stitched leather and unique exterior styling.

Cadillac is hoping to use these new range-topping trim levels to help steal more sales from luxury car stalwarts Lexus, BMW and Mercedes-Benz--in particular, these respective brand’s more expensive models.

One strategy is to offer either Platinum or V-Series trim levels (or possibly both in the case of the CTS range) on every Cadillac model. That's the plan, Nesbitt says, which means the XTS will likely adopt a Platinum series in production, while smaller vehicles like the CTS-V buff the brand's performance image.