Since tomorrow will be a special CelebsAndCars entry, this is technically the last "regular" post of 2009. And although we could've easily gone with the million-dollar feud brewing among the trashy, splashy Teutel family, or the high-speed antics of the equally trashy but less splashy (as Playgirl readers know) Levi Johnston, we've chosen to leave you with a photographic moment of Zen: Scott Caan and his dog motoring around Los Angeles in his vintage Ford pickup. Great ride, nice guy, cute dog: what's not to like?

Well, okay: admittedly, it's not very safe for Scott to have his four-legged friend on the front seat while driving, but it's a far cry better than leaving Fido harnessed in the back for a couple of hours while mommy has her hairs did. Word.