Guy Fieri's custom garage

Guy Fieri's custom garage

Honestly, we don't know what to think about Guy Fieri.

Pro: He's one of The Food Network's least boring hosts.

Con: With presenters like Giada DeLauretis and Marc Summers, "least boring" doesn't mean much.

Pro: We like his show Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives because we've spent way more time in those kinds of eateries than the high-end joints shown elsewhere on cable TV.

Con: Even though we like home-cooked, indigenous comfort food, were not always thrilled by Guy's home-cooked, indigenous table manners. Dude, seriously: chew with your mouth closed.

Pro: Fieri seems to have a sense of humor about himself.

Con: That sense of humor does not extend to his dime store bleach job or that thoroughly annoying wristband-cum-tourniquet.

Pro: He's a car guy.

Con: Garage Mahal (on TFN's sister channel, the DIY Network) built Guy a custom playspace so he can tinker with cars when he's not on the road filming. Which is only a con because they didn't offer to do the same for us.

Saving grace: Apart from the cliched tattoo art on the walls, Guy's custom garage seems pretty modest, which lowers the douche factor significantly. However, we've got serious doubts about that elliptical machine on the right and whether it'll ever see any action.