So, you have $500,000 burning a hole in your pocket, you hate traction control and the Dodge Viper just isn't extreme enough for you? Vermot has just what you need: the Veritas RS III, now in production.

Priced at $487,000 back in July, and around in various concept forms since 2008, the Veritas RS III is premised on delivering the purest, most unadulterated driving experience possible. A pseudo-single seat design--the covered passenger seat can be opened up--and a complete absence of electronic driver aids means the Veritas RS III is, in many ways, more race car than street car.

Also like a race car, it's hand-built in extremely limited numbers by a small team of highly skilled craftsmen at Vermot AG's Grafschaft-Gelsdorf, Germany facility. Just 30 units of the car will be built, with five of them already spoken for. Residents of Monaco, Australia, Great Britain, Spain and Switzerland will be among the first to see the car cruising their streets--presuming the owners are daring enough to take them out in public.

Another 8 of the 30 are reserved, leaving just 17 of the total number available, though over 100 enquiries have been received as well. The company expects the full run of cars to be sold out before 2010. The cars will be built three at a time, with each trio requiring eight weeks for full construction.

Delivery of the 507-horsepower, BMW M5 V-10-powered, 215-mph Veritas RS III begins in January, 2010.