Mitsubishi has introduced a new range of updates for its Japanese-spec Lancer Evolution X as part of the car’s mid-cycle update. Although the changes are limited to the Japanese market they could preview some planned revisions for the North American models as well.

Coming in for the 2010 model year, the car picks up thicker side skirts and a redesigned bumper that’s 3.3-pounds lighter than the current version. The weight saving comes from the use of lighter plastics up front.

The changes continue inside with a new color LCD screen installed in between the speedo and rev-counter. Mitsubishi has also added new interior trim options, with more padding and insulation installed to improve cabin ambience.

Finally, the range-topping GSR Premium Edition loses the five-speed manual gearbox option, which means it’s now offered exclusively with the six-speed twin-clutch SST.