Why hello there, Emmy Rossum! You sure are well-dressed in this photo -- especially to be dating somebody from Counting Crows. Though now that we think about it, Courtney Cox (aka Courtney Cox Arquette) didn't grunge up very much during her journey down that black hole of crap rock, either, and she came out the other side looking better than ever. Follow her example, why don't you?

Anyway, what were we saying? Oh right: you look awfully pretty. You must be headed someplace special. You could be having lunch with your aunt, Vera Wang, which would explain the dress-up routine. But honestly, we kind of hope that you've put on those heels so you can flirt with the guys at the nearest Mercedes dealership and upgrade that ride on the cheap. Don't get us wrong, we love German engineering as much as the next car freaks. But c'mon. A Mercedes-Benz ML? You're 23. Live a little. Would it kill you to get an SL? You never know: it might get you some attention. And from what we understand, singer/songwriter/actresses need lots and lots of attention.

Now, what's with that dubious look? Don't you trust us? Okay, fine, whatever, but we should point out that we're the guys who thought Megan Fox ought to go with an SLK. And that certainly got her noticed, didn't it?