Range Rover tuning specialist Overfinch has developed a new vehicle based on the latest 2010 Land Rover Range Rover SUV, which the company is describing as its most luxurious and exclusive off-roader ever. Bold claims but when you consider some of the modifications such as the handcrafted gun cabinet, refrigerator, and Overfinch’s typical attention to even the finest of details, then it becomes not too hard to believe those claims.

For its latest work, Overfinch has teamed up with Holland & Holland, a manufacturer of some of the world's finest sporting guns. The goal for designers was to create the ultimate all purpose, all season, luxury off-roader, while also keeping a quintessentially English take on luxury motoring.

Starting with either the supercharged 5.0-liter V-8 model or the turbodiesel V-8, Overfinch sets about upgrading the SUVs with a completely bespoke interior and exterior.

Some of the modifications include special wood veneers for the dashboard, consoles and door inserts, individually numbered build plaque hand-made by Holland & Holland's own gun engravers, a custom four-seater layout and a new rear console with an integrated refrigerator and crystal ware, a handcrafted gun and drinks cabinet, and four new custom exterior colors.

To further distinguish the vehicles, Overfinch has added 20-inch wheels (22-inch wheels are optional) and newly designed exhaust tips.

Only 100 Holland & Holland Range Rovers will be built each year, with pricing starting at £120,894 (approximately $191,737) for customers outside the UK.


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