Since GM entered bankruptcy, talk of Hummer's impending sale to Chinese firm Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery (Tengzhong) has included hints that the brand would remain U.S.-based, but today the company confirmed that the Hummer brand's headquarters will be located in Detroit.

The news isn't certain despite being straight from Tengzhong's mouth, however, because the sale of Hummer to Tengzhong still isn't final. Earlier reports had the sale going through by the end of October, and the deal appears to still be on track for closing next month.

Negotiations are still underway, however, and GM could drag its feet or even find another buyer at the last minute, much as it attempted to do with the sale of Opel to the Magna/Sberbank conglomerate in Europe.

Still, despite the uncertainty, the news has to be heartening for Michiganders, as the state's already struggling economy has been hit especially hard by the spike in unemployment following bankruptcies at Chrysler and GM.

The Detroit HQ won't make a big dent in the unemployment figures, however, as only about 100 people will work there initially. The total number of workers at the HQ could eventually grow to 300.

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