Okay, can we just say? It must totally suck to be a celebrity. Sure, they get money, fame, hookers, and blow -- and of course, they give us something to write about -- but that is all glitz and glamma worth a total loss of privacy?

Take for example this photo of poor LeAnn Rimes. (We use the term "poor" loosely.) She'd just gone shopping at Fred Segal for... something or other, she stepped onto the street, dodged the paparazzi, hopped into her Audi Q5, and promptly rear ended some dude in a Mercedes-Benz E350. It was obviously just a fender bender -- if even that. Take a look at LeAnn's bumper: do you see a scratch? We don't see a scratch. And yet by the end of the day, we're pretty sure most news outlets will be running some sort of story about LeAnn's crazy reckless driving and how she's endangering all of Los Angeles county. (Though to be fair, she didn't do herself any favors with that hit-and-run last month. Just sayin'.)

The poor thing (again, metaphorically) couldn't even get out of her car because of all the gawkers and shutterbugs. The dude she rammed had to climb into the car with her so they could exchange information. Not that he likely minded -- LeAnn's a stone-cold Southern fox, and the guy looks moderately attractive, too. We don't know the marital status of Mystery Dude, but technically, LeAnn's single right now, so maybe some off-camera ramming will come of this.