Chris Brown

Chris Brown

Chris Brown and his BMW X6: were they meant to be together?

We're no astrologers--but we totally believe that the position of the stars, the moon, and the sun control how people are born, live and die.

(We're also pretty sure that the little Expedia gnome is a good-luck charm, so we pack him in our approved Glad bag when we go through the airport scanners. Don't worry--we poked holes in it.)

We even think those zodiac signs hold true with cars. We know Chris Brown's a Taurus--born May 5. And we recall seeing the BMW X6 at the Detroit auto show, so we're calling it a Capricorn.

So how are Chris and his newest whip looking in the long term? For the answers, we Googled a bunch of free horoscope sites consulted the deeply respected oracles on the Interwebs to find out how our talented Taurean entertainer will fare in life and love with his pert-assed Capricornian crossover. Here's what we found:

"They'll sense something solid in each other that they can trust..." Sounds like a good foundation so far!

"...This is a highly compatible match, for business and pleasure." Wow! It's like they're soulmates!

"Capricorn and Taurus easily form harmonious partnerships, as their interests and temperaments are so complementary." It's a love match made in the heavens!

"The one weakness of this mostly powerful combination is a proneness to frustration when under considerable stress and in some cases this turns into violence."

Moving on...