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  • BMW X6 Vantablack

    The Vantablack paint on this BMW X6 absorbs 99 percent of the light that shines on it.

  • 2020 BMW X6
    2020 BMW X6 preview

    BMW dialed up the sleekness for the latest redesign of its X6 line.

  • 2020 BMW X6 spy shots - Image via S. Baldauf/SB-Medien
    2020 BMW X6 spy shots and video

    BMW's X6 is set to introduce a sharper, more athletic look for its next redesign. Prototypes for a new generation of the coupe-like crossover SUV have been spotted and reveal many of the details we can look forward to. The design is very close to what we see on the latest X4. Overall, it's much...

  • 2020 BMW X6 M spy shots - Image via S. Baldauf/SB-Medien
    2020 BMW X6 M spy shots and video

    There's a new generation of the BMW X6 in the works, and like its predecessor it will spawn a high-performance X6 M variant. Today we have our first look at the high-performance variant from BMW M thanks to the sighting of a prototype testing in Germany. Clear give-aways that this is the BMW M...

  • 2015 BMW X6 M
    2015 BMW X6 M first drive review

    BMW's X6 M is a venomous cane toad of an SUV, one with some obvious warts. Even so, it's made friends and set trends, spawning imitators in the Acura ZDX (extinct: mercy killing) and the upcoming Mercedes GLE Coupe (viability TBD). It's also an honest-to-God, track-capable car. Mmmmm, crossover...

  • 2015 BMW X6 with BMW M Performance upgrades
    2015 BMW X6 Gets M Performance Upgrades

    The second generation of BMW’s pioneering X6 crossover has just gone sale, and if you were looking to add one to your fleet you can now also dress it up with a range of BMW M Performance upgrades. For the exterior, there are a series of functional aerodynamic mods, many of them made from...

  • 2015 BMW X5 M, 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show

    BMW’s new X5 M and X6 M performance SUVs based on the latest-generation X5 and X6 are finally here, revealed in full at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show. The formula is a familiar one, with the original X5 M and X6 M having brought us plenty of joy during their time on the market. Now their replacements have arrived, bringing even more power, extra gears and a host of other technological updates with them. MUST SEE: Watch Dodge Build The 2015 Challenger SRT Hellcat With VIN0001: Video Their engine is a version of the twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V-8 found in several other M cars, rated...

  • Teaser for new BMW X5 M and X6 M
    BMW Teases New X5 M And X6 M Performance SUVs: Video

    BMW’s new X5 M and X6 M performance SUVs based on the latest X5 and X6 models are due soon, with many tipping we’ll see them unveiled at next month’s 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show where two BMW world premieres are planned. Right on cue, a teaser video for the new performance SUVs has...

  • 2015 BMW X6
    2015 BMW X6 Priced From $60,550

    The BMW X6 has been completely redesigned for the 2015 model year, although it’s hard to spot the differences unless you’re a true fan if the coupe-like crossover. There’s fresh styling, inside and out, but the powertrains carry over, although at this point the redesigned version...

  • 2015 BMW X6 M50d
    First Look At 2015 BMW X6's M Sport Package And X6 M50d Variant

    BMW has just revealed its second-generation X6 crossover, and soon its high-performance X6 M variant will debut. In the meantime, X6 fans looking to add some sport to the new 2015 X6 will have to settle for the crossover’s available M Sport package. Overseas, buyers also have the option of...

  • 2015 BMW X6
    2015 BMW X6: Rear-Drive Option, Fresh Face

    The U.S.-built 2015 BMW X6 takes the brand’s four-door-coupe-SUV formula to the stylistic limit and adds a new rear-drive option to the previously all-wheel-drive-only range. The new model, dubbed the X6 sDrive35i in BMW-speak, offers rear-wheel drive, the familiar 300-horseepower...

  • 2015 BMW X6 spy shots
    2015 BMW X6 Spy Shots

    Despite being panned by critics for its limited cargo and rear passenger space, BMW’s pioneering coupe crossover, the X6, sells well enough worldwide to warrant a second generation. Adding to the justification for a new X6 are similar upcoming models from rivals Audi and Mercedes-Benz. Today...

  • 2015 BMW X6 M spy shots

    The next generation of BMW's X5 M and X6 M performance SUVs are currently in the works and should make their debut by the end of the year, meaning we could see them arrive as 2015 models. While we’ve already seen prototypes for the new X5 M, this is the first time that we are seeing a prototype for the new X6 M. We know this is the M version of the new X6 because of the aggressive front bumper, which features larger intakes and a much wider air dam than those found on prototypes for the regular model. We can also see thicker side skirts, a subtle rear spoiler and M-style quad-exhaust...

  • 2015 BMW X6 spy shots
    2015 BMW X6 Spy Video

    BMW’s second-generation X6 crossover coupe has been spotted at the Nürburgring, and we’ve got an exclusive spy video of it. The vehicle, code-named the F16, rides on the same platform as the latest X5 and should feature the same engine lineup too. Though the styling and overall...

  • 2014 BMW X6 M Design Edition
    BMW X6 M Design Edition Limited To Just 100 Units

    A new generation of the BMW X6 crossover is just around the corner, and that means the current model is now in run out mode. To help keep those final units moving, BMW is launching a new special edition based on the sportier X6 M. MUST READ: Man Buys Nissan 370Z Using Proceeds From Sale Of Own...

  • 2013 BMW X6
    First Details Emerge On BMW’s Next X6

    Despite being panned by critics for its limited cargo and rear passenger space, BMW’s crossover coupe, the X6, sells well enough worldwide to warrant a second generation. Adding to the justification for a new X6 are similar upcoming models from rivals Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Range Rover...

  • 2013 BMW 6-Series Coupe Frozen Silver Edition
    BMW Announces Special Edition X6 And 6-Series Coupe

    Hot on the heels of the special edition Porsche Panamera we saw earlier today comes two special BMW models developed exclusively for the U.S. market. They are based on the 2013 X6 crossover and 2013 6-Series coupe and offer a host of luxurious extras at only minimal additional cost. Of course...

  • 2011 BMW X6
    BMW Addresses Key Cloning Issue On Select Models

    In July, we brought you news that car thieves (in Great Britain, anyway) had gone high-tech, stealing new cars via the use of NFC key reprogramming devices. Instead of relying on old-fashioned methods to steal certain new cars, today’s thieves just need access to the car’s diagnostic...

  • 2013 BMW X6

    BMW has announced the recall of certain 2012 model year X5 Diesel SUVs, as well the recall of certain 2013 X5 and X6 models. All were built between April 20, 2012 and May 29, 2012, and BMW estimates that 2,642 vehicles are affected by this voluntary recall. At issue is the machining of the steering gear housing, which was not within BMW’s published specifications. As a result, power steering fluid can leak into the rubber boot surrounding the steering gear, eventually leading to the loss of power steering assist and the increased risk of fire if power steering fluid leaks onto hot...

  • 2013 BMW X6 M
    2013 BMW X6 M Preview: New(ish) Look, Same Crazy Power

    The 2013 BMW X6 lineup's refresh was made official last night, but the X6 M was notably absent from the remodel. BMW's German retail site, however, has kindly given us a handful of photos and videos to work with. The images and videos reveal, like the standard X6, a slightly reworked exterior with...

  • 2013 BMW X6
    2013 BMW X6 Preview: New M Performance Package, Styles

    First reviled as a monstrosity mashing coupe and SUV together in unholy union, then slowly admitted to be a somewhat useful, somewhat sporty--if still ugly--vehicle, and finally growing on some of us like a four-wheeled, fast-backed fungus of fun, the BMW X6 is still a rare creature in the...

  • 2013 BMW X6 facelift spy shots
    2013 BMW X6 Facelift Spy Shots

    The BMW X6 made waves when it was first launched back in 2008. Here was a big SUV but with almost no practicability, thanks mostly to its limited four-seat layout but also due to its smallish trunk. This was remedied somewhat with the introduction of a fifth seat option early last year, but now the...

  • BMW's mystery X6M.
    BMW Shows More Of Its Mystery X6 M: Video

    BMW has released a second teaser video of a new X6 M variant believed to be the first diesel-powered M vehicle.

  • Mysterious BMW X6 M testing in Europe.
    BMW Teases A Higher-Performance X6 M: Video

    BMW is showing a new variant of the X6 M in a newly-released video. Could this be the rumored X6 M550d?

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