With a recipe for lightweight, fun and fast trackday cars for the street, Lotus Cars has been on a roll of late. The new Evora has been widely hailed as a styling hit, and as initial test drives roll in, it is also being recognized as an able sportscar. But for Mike Kimberley, CEO of Lotus, the ride stops here.

Kimberley announced his retirement on Friday. Kimberley is stepping down not due to any professional or business reason, but rather on the advice of his doctor, who has warned him that retirement is necessary to avoid further permanent injury of his problematic back, reports Automotive News.

Having worked for Lotus several times, Kimberley's leadership has been undoubtedly solid over the last four years. Some of his previous projects - which included the front-wheel drive Lotus Elan roadster - were not as well-received, but the Elise, Exige and now the Evora are a strong trio of success to cap his 56-year career in the autmotive industry.