In the midst of its U.S. marketing blitz for the 2010 IS C, Lexus is working hard to build enough cars to meet consumer demand. Currently about 1,200 cars are leaving the Kyushu factory each month, but according to a Lexus official, that's just barely enough.

The IS-C was introduced last October at the Paris Motor Show, and now that the hardtop convertible is finally in full swing in the U.S., Lexus is carefully managing the supply, reports Wards Auto. “I don't think we're going to outstrip demand with our build rate,” said Scott Wracher, Lexus's general manager for the Eastern area of the U.S. “There's a lot of value in the IS compared to our competition,” he added.

That competition is stiff - mostly German, with Audi, BMW and Mercedes all on the list as well as the new Infiniti G37 Convertible. Interest in a Lexus convertible has been high ever since the first rumors began circulating that the IS-C was headed to production.

Helping to drive the strong interest from buyers in the U.S. is a somewhat cryptic set of commercials based around a 'mischievous' story line that's targeting younger people.

The next new thing from Lexus is a possible IS Coupe based on the IS-C's two-door layout. If demand for that car is as high as for the Convertible, Lexus may find itself picking up a new reputation for sporty and fun vehicles that's largely absent from the current lineup.

For those that can't wait for the Coupe, the IS-C is available with the F-Sport performance accessory package, which includes 19in forged alloy wheels designed in a dark graphite finish, six-piston fixed calipers and drilled cast-iron rotors, braided stainless-steel brake lines, sports pads, and a new shock absorber and suspension spring set.

The 2010 Lexus IS 250C starts at $38,490 for the manual-equipped version, with the auto going for $39,660. The 350C, which is only available with the automatic, starts at $43,940.