Small, economical cars may be all the buzz in Europe right now but that doesn’t mean automakers are neglecting the big cube performance market. One of America’s heavy hitters will soon be tearing up the tarmac across the pond according to information revealed by Chevrolet’s general manager in Europe.

Speaking with Auto Motor und Sport, GM executive Jurgen Keller that the rejuvenated Chevrolet Camaro muscle car will find its way to Europe through official channels, most likely sometime next year. Keller wasn’t willing to reveal any other details and so far no other suggestion of a European Camaro launch has been made by GM or any other source for some time.

Original plans to bring the Camaro to Europe had shied away from using the Chevrolet brand for the car, since it is more strongly associated with budget cars in most parts of Europe than it is back home. That's changed, however, as GM has decided to expand its Chevrolet brand with plans to double its model range in Europe by 2012.

One factor holding back the Camaro from other markets is strong demand for the car back home may lead to supply shortages. U.S. fans of the Camaro have already placed orders for over 25,000 vehicles, only half of which have been filled since the car went on sale. Demand hasn't let up even a little bit despite the overall downturn in the economy and market, with the average Camaro leaving the lot in a new owner's hands in a matter of days.