In-car access to real-time information is already available in some formats - traffic alerts are a prime example. But now real-time weather, fuel prices and stock indices will all be available to new BMW owners.

BMW's ConnectedDrive continues to push the boundary of in-car data technology in the U.S., following on its introduction of online data connectivity last September. Expanding access to a broader information set than the Google Maps database offers many more opportunities for driver and passenger alike, however.

Weather, for example, provides the latest forecast for the next three days, including advisories and warnings for the area. Access to real-time fuel prices allows the driver to pick the cheapest gas and then set it as a destination in the navigation system to make it not just cheap, but as quick as possible too.

To get the service, owners of eligible BMW vehicles need to also subscribe to the BMW Assist Convenience Plan. Eligible vehicles include BMW Assist and BMW Navigation system-equipped 2009 and later Z4, 1 Series, 3 Series and 7 Series as well as 2010 and later 5 Series, 6 Series, M5, and M6 models.