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  • bmw assist convenience 001

    In-car access to real-time information is already available in some formats - traffic alerts are a prime example. But now real-time weather, fuel prices and stock indices will all be available to new BMW owners. BMW's ConnectedDrive continues to push the boundary of in-car data technology in the U.S., following on its introduction of online data connectivity last September. Expanding access to a broader information set than the Google Maps database offers many more opportunities for driver and passenger alike, however. Weather, for example, provides the latest forecast for the next three...

  • 2009 Hyundai Genesis
    Hyundai tempts buyers with promise of a year of $1.49 gas

    Last year's sudden surge in oil prices sent many car buyers - and the industry - into shock. Prices over $4 per gallon were outside most people's frame of reference. This year, in the weak economy, even fewer people are prepared to fork over more money for their fuel, and Hyundai has taken note. It...

  • The Chevy Aveo is already built in Mexico
    Small car, hybrid sales taking a long drive off a short pier

    The short-sightedness of the car-buying public is breathtaking. It was just months ago that fears over $4 gas prices had people scurrying about, dumping loaded SUVs for a fraction of their purchase price and replacing them with smaller, more efficient vehicles. But today, with fuel well under $2...

  • Honda Insight Hybrid
    AutoNation CEO says he has 600,000 hybrids sitting on lots across America

    Pain at the pump is a thankfully remote sensation for most Americans these days. Just last summer we were all hurting everytime we had to go somewhere, to the point where we traveled 30 billion fewer miles than the year before. But the absence of pain at the pump means we don't have much in the way...

  • 2009 Acura TSX
    Honda may delay U.S. diesels due to fuel costs

    Honda and Acura have been contemplating bringing diesel engines to the U.S. for some time, but in late October word broke that the engines had been delayed. At the time the reason had been thought to be trouble with 50-state emissions certification, but now the company has revealed the real issue...

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