Californian tuner Techco has just unveiled a new twin-screw supercharger kit that will have owners of C6 Corvettes salivating when they hear the horsepower gains that their cars will be capable of achieving.

The Techco kit is compatible with all C6 Chevrolet Corvettes that have an LS2, LS3 or even the LS7 V8 engine. Featuring a large displacement blower and a dual-stage intercooler system, the 3.0L supercharger can pump close to 50% more air into each cylinder during every intake stroke. This is enough to boost the base Corvette’s 430hp (321kW) to a much more enticing 600hp (448kW) with just 6psi of boost pressure.

Torque is similarly improved, with the stock Corvette boasting twisting power of around 424lb-ft (574Nm) without the supercharger kit and around 535lb-ft (725Nm) after the kit has been installed. On top of this, Techco also has boost upgrade kits that will see boost pressure lifted to 10psi and horsepower go up to a heady 650hp (485kW).

Priced at $8,500 for the cheapest kit, or $10,000 for the optional polished upgrade, Techco’s packages offer huge improvement in performance without necessarily blowing the bank- although you may want to invest in some larger brakes once the kit is installed.

For those who don't own Mustangs, there are similar kits available for all of Chrysler and Dodge 5.7L engines, as well as the 6.1L Challenger/Charger/Magnum/300C/Jeep models. Additionally, there is also a kit available for all 4.6L 3V Ford Mustangs, as well as V8 versions of the new 2010 Chevrolet Camaro.