With Lexus now offering a Convertible version of its IS, the question remains: is a sporty IS Coupe ever going to be launched? Considering that an IS Coupe would likely share much in common with the IS Convertible, including most of the engineering work, chassis modifications, body work, and interior fittings, it simply makes sense for Lexus to launch such a car.

The guys at Jalopnik have posed the question to Lexus general manager Mark Templin. The response they received from Templin was that while there is no confirmation of an IS Coupe, “it's certainly something we [Lexus] should study carefully."

If produced, the IS Coupe will likely share the same 2.5L and 3.5L engines as the rest of the IS range, and fingers crossed Lexus may also introduce its 5.0L V8 engine into the car and build a direct rival for the BMW M3 Coupe and Audi S5. Another bright spot is that the IS Coupe will almost certainly be cheaper than its comparable IS Convertible cousin, which starts at less than $40,000.

Given the success of the IS as well as the BMW 3-series Coupe, Lexus is likely to add an IS Coupe to its lineup. Until then, however, the IS Convertible will have to carry the new-model mantle.