The age of MP3 players is fully upon the automotive industry, and consumers now expect - even demand - such connectivity in even the most basic of vehicles. But getting more than basic input-output functionality for the more complex devices on the market isn't quite so easy.

The Apple iPod has widespread support - though its cellular doppelganger, the iPhone doesn't, much to the chagrin of owners. To date, full support for the competing offering from Microsoft, the Zune, has been almost completely absent from any car. But now General Motors has begun a 28-model roll out of full Zune support, starting with the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro.

A Microsoft employee, Dave McLauchlan, put the new system to the test in a production Camaro in a Chevy dealership yesterday, and sent his results, complete with photos, to blogger, muscle car enthusiast and Zune fan Michael Ganotti.

According to an email McLauchlan sent Ganotti, "Zune connectivity is a standard feature on the Camaro which is the first of some 28 models to support Zune as this feature is rolled out across GM models in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia through 2011."

It will be interesting to see this feature expand through GM's ever-shrinking lineup, and to see if Apple makes any counter-strokes to help boost compatibility with its devices, especially as launch of the third-gen iPhone draws near this summer.
Via: Engadget