GM's much awaited 2010 Chevrolet Camaro has only been on dealership floors for a few weeks but the car has already suffered its first recall due to an exposed power cable. The issue lies in the V8 Camaro's battery, which in some cars has been experiencing short circuits due to the exposed cable. The V6 models are unaffected.

The faulty battery may prevent the Camaro from starting up, cut off power during driving, or even spark a fire in the engine compartment. GM is warning all Camaro drivers not to drive their vehicles and that dealers will provide courtesy vehicles until the cars have been repaired.

In the meantime, owners can opt for a temporary fix by wrapping the affected cable in special electrical tape, which can be done at most dealerships. Otherwise, they will have to wait until GM comes up with a permanent fix for the problem.

The news doesn't bode well for one of GM's most anticipated cars of the year, especially with the carmaker announcing recently that is ramping production of the rejuvenated muscle car to meet demand. Furthermore, there are claims the car’s front bracket can suffer minor cracks when the car is taken up to speeds in excess of 155mph, however, GM is yet to confirm if this is a widespread issue or just an isolated one.