The Fast and the Furious franchise may not be known for its Oscar-winning performances or well thought-out plot developments, but that hasn't stopped the fourth instalment 'Fast & Furious' from smashing a number of box-office records in its opening weekend by taking in almost $75 million in just three days. Given its popularity, there’s a strong chance that a fifth title in the series may be released and today there are reports that lead actor Paul Walker has already confirmed it.

Paul Walker reportedly confirmed a fifth movie on the Valentine In The Morning radio show on Los Angeles’ 104.3MYfm last Friday. “This was supposed to be it - but without question, Vin [Diesel] and I will be coming back, we’re making the fifth one and we’re going to Brazil,” he said.

In what has surprised many entertainment critics, the return of the first film's cast of Walker and Diesel has proven a hit with audiences. Walker didn't mention if any of the other actors would be reappearing, nor was he willing to give any dates.

While Brazil may not seem like the typical tuner scene, especially when compared with California and Japan, the customized car culture is alive and well in the South American nation. The scene in Brazil mostly covers tuner hatchbacks from brands like Chevrolet, Ford, Fiat and Nissan, and last year more than three million vehicles were manufactured locally.