German tuner Arden has developed a twin-screw supercharger kit for the 2010 Jaguar XKR, which not only boosts top end power but also improves driveability right across the rev range. According to Arden, extensive development and testing has resulted in a "high-end supercharger with a gain of 80hp" (59kW) and an additional 103lb-ft (140Nm) of torque.

The extra power means that in addition to the improved throttle response from the engine, there is also an improvement in the torque curve of the Jaguar XKR - torque low-down in the rev range is greatly improved, which should help in overtaking situations.

To help control that extra power and torque, Arden is also offering a limited-slip differential system for the XKR to help give the car greater traction at speed. Arden insists this feature is absolutely necessary for a car with high levels of power - something we'd probably have to agree with there.

Arden also claims that its new low-wear LSD will greatly help the XKR improve its cornering speeds and provide better directional stability. The limited-slip differential does not have the unwanted side effects of many other differentials, such as increased understeer or steering wheel snatch.

Arden also offers a number of other modifications for the Jaguar XKR through its website, including aerodynamic modifications and custom engine rebuilds. One of the highlights is a custom machined 'leaping Jaguar' bonnet ornament so you can cancel out the good work that Jaguar has done with its Pedestrian Deployable Bonnet system that helps protect pedestrians in the event of a crash.