A new patent filed by Ford may give us a clue as to what the next-generation of 'Scorpion' V8 engines for the company’s Super-Duty trucks will look like, thanks to this diagram taken from the patent application.

Showing a pushrod V8 with four valves per cylinder, the diagram also reveals a turbocharging unit and inboard exhaust and outboard intakes. According to the patent, the engine can be used for both petrol and diesel applications but more than likely it is a representation of the 6.7L Scorpion diesel engine destined for Ford's Super-Duty trucks. Currently these trucks use Navistar engines but following Ford's falling out with Navistar and their subsequent dissolution of a 30-year partnership, it seems likely that a new diesel engine for its trucks would be high on Ford's list of priorities.

While it remains uncertain just when the new 6.7L Scorpion diesel engine will be put into Ford's Super Duty trucks, for the time being the company will be focusing more on downsizing engines and improving their overall fleet emissions in line with upcoming requirements.

In this vein, Ford is also expected to update its current 5.4L petrol engine in the Super-Duty range of trucks with a new, more efficient 4.4L unit. This unit is expected to exceed the performance of the 5.4L V8 currently used while improving fuel consumption figures by around 20%.