If you've ever wondered what might happen if you gave a $100,000 Mercedes-Benz S-Class to a group of blind school-children, German tuners Relux may be able to give you a clue as to the result. Perhaps that may be a little harsh, but we're positive the design of this latest tuner S-Class will leave opinions divided.

Unveiling their new transformation of the S-Class at last year’s Essen Motor Show, the modified saloon features some 'interesting' features that give it a 'unique' look. Starting at the front, a new front spoiler is accompanied by some integrated daytime running lights. While the old adage may say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we haven't managed to find anyone yet that finds the front of the car appealing at all.

The story continues at the back, where the new rear bumper sits above what appears to be crookedly placed exhaust vents and a sizable rear-diffuser. Finally, to complete the whole Darth Vader look, matte black 20in wheels can be found at the corners to give the car an even more ominous appearance.

Despite its aesthetic issues, the Relux S-Class does have something to offer in the way of mechanical upgrades. According to the German company, they offer ECU upgrades, as well as mechanical modifications such as custom exhaust systems and even new turbochargers, which should see the S-Class pick up a few extra horses. Even the interior can be upgraded, but considering their work with the outside of the car we'd be a bit hesitant to let them loose in our own S-Class.

Relux Tuning Mercedes Benz S-Class