Over the years he's driven a Lotus Esprit underwater, a Russian T55 tank through the streets of St. Petersburg and even managed to flip an Aston Martin DBS not too long ago - we are of course talking about savior of the world and all-round good guy, James Bond.

The eponymous James Bond films over the years have featured cars as some of their most important characters - who could forget that stunning Aston Martin DB5 driven by Sean Connery in Goldfinger?

Now a fan of the flicks has opened up a Bond museum, with an array of cars and gadgets that were used in filming the series. To amass the collection, British man Peter Nelson has spent hundreds of thousands of pounds and many hours sourcing his pieces, reports the BBC.

The result is an impressive collection that includes the original Lotus Espirt that Roger Moore took underwater in The Spy Who Loved Me, as well as the Octopus from Moore's Octupussy and the golden gun from Moore's The Man with the Golden Gun.

The museum will also feature a car that made one of the most famous film gaffes in history - the Ford Mustang driven by Sean Connery in Diamonds are Forever that has to drive up on two-wheels through an alley but then rather bizarrely changes wheels halfway through the scene.

The museum, which is set to open for the 100th anniversary of James Bond producer Albert R. Broccoli's birthday, also features the T55 tank driven by Pierce Brosnan in Golden Eye. For those who want to visit, a trip to Keswick in North-West England is the way to go.