Hyundai has given us a preview of its new HCD-11 ‘Nuvis’ concept planned for next week’s New York Auto Show, revealing just a profile shot of what appears to be a compact crossover. Hyundai has confirmed that it has plans to add a crossover to its lineup and the latest Nuvis almost certainly points to the future styling of the new model.

The Nuvis was penned at Hyundai’s Californian design center in Irvine and is the 11th concept vehicle designed by the studio. It’s been described as being a mix of a luxury SUV and a small urban vehicle, which means it’s basically a compact crossover with a few upmarket elements.

No other details have been released but some leaked shots of the car, which were taken as it was on route to New York, revealed that it has a pair of scissor style doors and seating capacity for four. Interestingly, Hyundai’s new concept also looks very similar to the upcoming Acura ZDX except on a smaller scale.