One of the unseen forces of the automotive industry, Magna Steyr is a contract manufacturer that produces some of the best cars in the world, including the Aston Martin Rapide, the Porsche Boxster and Cayman from 2012, the Mini crossover and more. Their automotive prowess is without question, then, and so their concept vehicles carry a lot of weight.

That only serves to make the MILA EV Concept headed to the 2009 Geneva Motor Show all the more exciting. An attractive, futuristic yet still realistic design combines with a powertrain that will have many taking notice. Combining a lithium-ion battery capable of a full charge in 2.5 hours and a 67hp (49kW) electric motor, the car has a range of 93mi (150km). The technology underlying the car is all completely developed and production ready, says Magna.

Of course Magna Steyr won't be building the car itself - it is a contract manufacturer. Rather, it has built the vehicle as a proof of concept of its design and components. Any customer companies that might be interested in moving into an EV in the near future - and that includes just about everyone in the industry - will be paying attention to this concept.

Ford is already among the customers leveraging Manga's talent and resources to help it build an EV for 2011 release. For more on Magna, read some of our previous coverage, including the MILA ALPIN concept from last year's Geneva show, or for more on the Ford EV, check out this story.