South Africa is quickly becoming a hotbed for sports car development, with two new performance machines being announced in the country in just as many weeks. Earlier we saw the covers come off the oddly-named Barnard supercar, an ominous, all-black Le Mans style racer with the heart of a Porsche. Today, we have the first details about a handcrafted grand tourer, this time powered by a Corvette V8.

The 6.2L V8 engine generates 440hp (328kW) and 430lb-ft of torque (583Nm) of torque, and redlines at 6,600rpm. That's enough to scoot the 2,630lb (1,195kg) car to 62mph (100km/h) in an estimated sub-4 second time. Big brakes - 325mm up front, 305mm in the rear - slow things down again, while unequal length A-arms, Bilstein shocks and Eibach springs at all four corners handle the curves.

Seriously wide wheels at 18x10 and 19x12 front and rear are covered in sticky 275 and 345 rubber, respectively, offering as much surface area as the Dodge Viper. A six-speed manual sends power to the rear wheels, where the only traction management available comes by way of a ZF limited-slip diff. There are no ABS or ESP on this car, making it a true driver's vehicle. Weight balance is a perfect 50/50, however, thanks to the engine's placement at 20cm behind the front axle.

The new GT will be on show at the Geneva Motor Show where the team behind the car will start taking orders. The new photos reveal a striking interior design with super-premium materials. Only 999 examples are expected to see the light of the day and each of these will be priced from about €50,000 ($63,000) before taxes.

Why the limited production? Because the gorgeous body of each Perana Z-One will be handbuilt in Italy by coachbuilder Zagato and then shipped in pieces to South Africa where there are attached to the vehicle’s chassis.

The Z-One's chassis has been completely conceived and designed by Perana engineers in South Africa, despite the engine sourced from General Motors.