In the world of modified BMWs, few brands hold the power of the Alpina name, known for its tasteful treatments, high-power upgrades and willingness to venture into uncharted waters. The latest of the modified BMWs to roll out of Alpina's shop is the new fourth-generation B7.

Based on BMW's new 7-series, the new B7 is a take on the ultimate BMW sports sedan. Dressing the car up with more aggressive but not over-the-top aerodynamic elements is just part of the package. Big power lives under the hood of the B7 as well.

Starting with the 4.4L twin-turbo gasoline V8 makes upgrading to 505hp (373kW) and 517lb-ft (700Nm) of torque easier than it sounds. With all that power on tap, the big four-door takes just 4.7 seconds to accelerate to 62mph (100km/h), and can carry on to an electronically limited 174mph (280km/h). Full torque is on tap from 3,000-4,750rpm.

Like all good European sedans, this one comes with fuel economy estimates too: 13.2mpg US (17.7L/100km) in the city, 27mpg (8.6L/100km) on the open road and 19.7mpg (11.9L/100km) combined. That works out to CO2 emissions of 286g/km.

The 7-series' dynamically adjustable suspension is also in effect, offering a range of attitudes for sporty and relaxed moods. At 4,312lb (1,960kg) the B7 is no lightweight, but all that size is put to good use in terms of comfort. An automatic 'SwitchTronic' gearbox sends power to the rear wheels, which are 21in evolutions of the classic twenty-spoke Alpina design. Tires are Michelin Pilot Sport 2s in 245-width up front and 285-width in the rear for sure-footed handling.

Though many would rate the Alpina's body kit among the more attractive BMW modifications out there, the ethos at the company is 'form follows function' and those big scoops are there to direct air to the intake and cooling of the big V8. The front and rear aero sections also reduce lift by 30% and 15%, respectively.

Inside, myrtle burl wood trim and custom accents to the leather and metal trim elements add a uniquely Alpina touch.