Many doubted Tata Motors' ability to turn out a 1-lakh, or roughly $2,500 car, but they have proved the skeptics wrong and now a special edition of the car will soon be headed for sale in Europe.

The Nano Europa, as the model will be called, promises to meet all safety and crash standards, thanks in part to ABS, ESP and airbags as standard equipment. No rating for the car has yet been obtained or released, however. Plans to sell the Nano in Europe have been brewing for almost as long as the car has been in development.

"The Nano has also generated wide interest in developed countries, since its unveiling in Delhi and its presentation here last year. We are delighted to present the Nano Europa for future launch in such markets," said Ratan Tata, Chairman of Tata Motors.

Powered by a three-cylinder gasoline engine, the car is the definition of efficiency, spouting less that 100g/km of CO2 - sure to be attractive in emissions-conscious Europe. A five-speed slushbox sends the power to the ground.

To help keep things compact and even more efficient, electric power steering is used. The Europa is slightly larger than the standard Nano, however, at 10.9ft (3.29m) long and 5.18ft (1.59m) wide, with a sligthly lengthened wheelbase of 7.48ft (2.28m).

Tata is pitching the car on its strengths - affordability, maneuverability and efficiency - which could be a winning combination in the current global economy.

The car goes on sale in India on March 23. Pricing and release dates for the Europa hasn't been announced.