You've just spent four hours washing, stripping, waxing and polishing your baby, and now you're faced with a choice: shove her under a $15 elastic tarp where water can get trapped against the metal and the fabric can scratch at the paint, or leave her exposed to the elements where dust is already settling into the creases in the hood. Well, now there's a third option: the Touchless Car Cover.

Only true fanatics will understand the scenario above, or the need for such a device. But those who've parked their freshly-cleaned and priceless (whether actually or just emotionally) four-wheeled spouse in their garage just to come out the next morning and find it covered in a fine haze of particles are already searching for the thing on Amazon.

Whether you fall into the former camp or the more normal group of folks that simply appreciate a clean car, the Touchless Car Cover, made by a company of the same name, offers a range of appealing features. For one thing, its makers claim you can drive into and out of it, leaving it set up like a tent. Much more convenient than wrestling with a tarp or traditional car cover twice a day.

It's also a sound investment for those without garages, because the Touchless Car Cover is UV and water resistant, offering some shelter from the color-leaching elements for the interior as well as the exterior.

But like all things automotive, there's a tradeoff. If you want effective and convenient, be prepared to pay - the Touchless Car Cover costs $299. That's a whole lot of cleaning supplies, or a nearly infinite supply of standard car covers.