Putting an already overwrought car through the tuner's wringer usually results in some pretty horrific ocular torture, and while the FAB Design Maybach 57 certainly qualifies, it adds a distinct element of sport that seems oddly congruent with the car's inherent design. Today FAB revealed more details on the car's design and equipment, showing it to be not just meaner looking, but more powerful too.

A twin-turbo setup gets the burly 6.0L V12 to crank out 641hp (478kW) and an asphalt-curling 757lb-ft (1,025Nm) of torque - up 38hp and 19lb-ft over stock. That's enough to punch the brute to 62mph (100km/h) in 4.9 seconds and on to 188mph (303km/h). The big vents in the fenders are there to cool the upgraded sport brakes, which will undoubtedly need all the help they can get.

Twenty inch alloy wheels are also likely to spark commentary. Inside, FAB equips pearl-colored surfaces and sky blue Alcantara to keep the passengers thinking about anything besides their seemingly impossible velocity. Of course everything on the inside of the car can be made to the customer's order, including the entertainment system.

A wide-body treatment with enormous yet sculptured fender flares - 12in (30cm) wider than stock - is the first thing the eye catches on with the FAB Design Maybach. While many find the stock Maybach's appearance objectionable to begin with, the FAB Design body kit draws out the car's Mercedes-Benz roots, accentuating the lines that make those cars so attractive.

Nonetheless, it's still a heavily modified Maybach, and likely to inspire some polarizing viewpoints. The shark-gill vents in the front quarter panel, mimicked in the rear fenders, for example, are sure to draw as much criticism as praise. At the very least, the compound rarity of a modified Maybach makes it a sight to see.

Only 15 of the FAB-modified cars will be built. Take that as you please - blessing or curse.
Via: Auto Motor und Sport