Some may argue that Communist countries never brought anything of worth to the automotive world, but with Russia's embrace of capitalism in recent years its previous reputation for producing terrible cars may no longer have any foundation - especially considering that Nikolay Fomenko, noted Russian celebrity and racecar driver, has just launched his own sports car company, E.M.M.

The first project that new company will be undertaking is the eye-catching Marussia sports car, which is expected to feature a hybrid drivetrain. Fomenko hopes to create a car that can run completely on electricity sometime in the future, but for now the hybrid solution lends itself more readily to the Marussia.

Details on the car are scarce, however Russian media outlets are reporting that the car will be available with a 3.5L Nissan engine outputting around 240hp in the entry level model and 298hp in the premium model. While this may not seem to be enough power to match the car's supercar appearance, there will also be an electric motor to help boost power. Coupled with the car's extremely lightweight curb weight of just 950kg, the EMM Marussia should be capable of hitting 60mph in around 5 seconds and reach a top speed of over 250km/h.

Inside, despite the horrible 1980s style fluorescent orange interior, the Marussia aims to be a technological showcase. A 4G Yota network using WiMax technology will be able to wirelessly transfer 10mbps of data to ensure high-speed internet access. There will be three LCD screens in the car, a Bluetooth telephone system and three cameras - one of which will monitor the car like a sort of blackbox system for insurance companies. Not a bad idea considering the number of Russian playboys who have a propensity for wrapping their cars around trees.
Via: Luxury Version