American tuning workshop Hennessey Performance is renowned for its work with the Dodge Viper, but now the firm has reworked the formidable Nissan GT-R - taking it beyond supercar performance and up into the hypercar arena. Starting with the 2009 model-year GT-R, the Texas-based company upgrades power to a lofty 700hp (522kW) - over 225hp (168kW) more than the standard car. Peak torque has also been increased to 630lb-ft (853Nm).

These figures are achieved through a number of upgrades to the GT-R's induction and exhaust systems, including a pair of new turbochargers, an upgraded boost controller, and new intercoolers to complement the blowers. Known as the Godzilla 700, the package is the second major upgrade that Hennessey has performed on the Nissan GT-R. The first set of upgrades increased output to a still impressive 600hp (448kW) and 570lb-ft (772Nm) of torque, and that model was known as the Godzilla 600.

Pricing for the Godzilla 700 kit starts at $18,500, or $24,500 installed, while the Godzilla 600 kit starts at a reasonable $11,500, and $14,500 installed.

Rumors of Hennessey working on a new upgraded GT-R have been around for some time, however no details on the specific outputs or the exact upgrades were available until now. Previously it was thought that Hennessey would rework the new Lexus IS-F performance saloon before the GT-R, but currently it seems as though the Nissan has beaten the Lexus to the punch.

Nevertheless, a Hennessey IS-F is still expected to go ahead, and the planned modification list includes exhaust, headers, and intake upgrades, and possibly a supercharger kit. This should give the IS-F even more potent performance than its 417hp (311kW) already provides.