Camilo Pardo, the chief designer of the Ford GT project for the Blue Oval, is a top name among those in the know on cutting-edge automotive design, and he's teamed up with Heffner Performance to create a monstrous custom Ford GT. The special edition car, sold moments after its reveal, cranks out over 900hp (671kW) and is capable of hitting 200mph (322km/h) from a standing start in under 19 seconds.

Quarter-mile runs completed with trap speeds of over 150mph (255km/h) are also within reach. The Heffner Twin Turbo system has been put to the test on a wide variety of cars, from Dodge Vipers to Lamborghini Gallardos to Saleen S7s. This particular Camilo Pardo Ford GT also gets a number of other unique tweaks, including a racing-inspired paintjob, flat black BBS wheels, concept-style rear bumper, black-lip mirros, T&A shocks, lowering springs, and Brembo caliper graphics.

While the modification list isn't as extensive as some tuning companies might envision, it's Camilo Pardo's vision for a simple yet futuristic transformation of the car, heavily inspired by the Ford GT's racing heritage.

Pardo and Heffner are currently looking at another, as yet unspecified, collaboration project.