Specialist Mercedes Benz tuners Inden Design has just released a new tuning package for the CLK cabrio that is inspired by the limited-edition CLK DTM AMG model that Mercedes released a couple of years ago. The Inden Design package is essentially a replica of the CLK DTM package, and like the original it is once again available for both the coupe and cabrio versions of the CLK.

The kit includes a front spoiler that looks almost identical to the one from the original DTM road-going racer, and also includes a rear diffuser and wider rear wheel arches. There is also a carbon-fiber rear wing designed in a similar vein to the authentic CLK DTM, as well as a new boot lid, 18in alloy wheels and performance tires.

For the cabin, Inden has installed a 22-piece carbon-package on various accents such as the center armrest in the rear bench and the center console.

While aesthetically the Inden Design CLK DTM may be very hard to pick apart from the original Mercedes version, the difference is very tangible under the hood. While the AMG-tuned CLK DTM came with a 5.4L supercharged V8 engine, the Inden Design model makes do with the standard 302hp (225kW) 5.0L V8 found in the CLK 500.

Pricing for the DTM conversion starts at €38,000.