The original CLK DTM from AMG was basically a racecar built for the road, and it looked almost identical to Mercedes’ entrant in the German Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters racing series. Sadly, the road-going version was released for sale in Europe only of which there were 100 coupes and 80 convertibles. However, this may change with comments from AMG-Mercedes director of marketing & sales-branding Mario Spitzner, who mentioned that the company would be willing to federalize the car if there were enough customers. Spitzner also added "I get a lot of pressure from our best customers to bring it to the US."

If such a vehicle were ever sold in the US, Mercedes would likely build more cars and possibly add even more vehicles. Any new model will also get the latest technology from AMG including the all-new 6.2-liter normally aspirated V8. The previous model featured AMG's supercharged 5.5 L V8, and developed 582hp (428kW) and 590ft-lb (800Nm) of torque.The 0-62mph dash took only 3.9 seconds with top speed up at 199mph.

Spitzner is ruling out all-wheel drive versions due to concerns of too much weight and problems with the ultra-low ride height, and Mercedes schedule is already very busy with plans for the introduction of the convertible CL-Class, new C-Class sedan and a mini SUV/Crossover.