The Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano is one of the few exotics rarely touched by aftermarket tuners but that hasn’t stopped Britain’s Project Kahn from releasing a new performance upgrade for it. Not wanting to alter the dramatic styling of the 599 significantly, developers have kept exterior mods to a minimum with only a mild styling kit and Kahn Design F1-X Carbon wheels making the cut – 20in up front and 21in in the rear.

Under the bonnet lies the standard 6.0L V12 engine with 612hp (456kW) and 448lb-ft (608Nm) of torque. Some minor modifications that are available for the car include a lowered sports suspension kit and high-flow sports exhaust.

Any tuner worth its salt must have a list of options for nearly every aspect of a car and Project Kahn doesn’t fail to deliver. On top of its basic package, customers can also opt for unique leather upholstery as well as a custom paint job.

Some of Project Kahn’s most comprehensive tuner cars include the Bentley Continental GTS Black Edition and the more recent Range Rover Sport 300, which was co-developed with motorsports company Cosworth.