German tuner Novitec Rosso has released details about a new modified Ferrari 599 GTB that builds upon its previous version by adding a new forced-induction system. The new package consists of a subtle styling kit for increased downforace, as well as some mild handling upgrades, and a twin-turbocharging kit.

A maximum rated output of 808hp (594kW) and 607lb-ft (823Nm) of torque are the result of the new twin compressor conversion, and with the accelerator pedal pressed to the floor the car will now reach a top speed of 340km/h. This is 188hp (138kW) and 159lb-ft (215Nm) of torque more than the stock 599.

In combination with the F1-Superfast transmission, the tuned 599 will sprint from rest to 100km/h in just 3.5 seconds, pass 200km/h after 9.7 seconds and reach 300km/h after 25.5 seconds.

A belt-driven twin-supercharging system is bolted to the engine, producing a relatively mild peak boost pressure of 5.65psi. The compressed air is then cooled down to a level conducive for added power by a large intercooler cooled by a dedicated water cycle. A specially designed intake manifold with high-performance injectors and a sports air filter round out the conversion on the intake side.

Other powertrain mods include custom exhaust manifolds, a 90mm diameter stainless-steel quad exhaust system, and a retuned ECU.

The aero kit consists of a new front lip, side skirts with larger air intake openings, side flaps, a new rear wing and bumper with an integrated diffuser. The car also gets new 20in wheels at the front with larger 21in alloys at the rear and 355mm Pirelli P Zeros. Other changes to the 599 include a KW Automotive adjustable aluminum suspension kit, as well as new 405mm brake discs with Brembo six piston calipers.