One of the most illustrious names of automotive history has returned and is set to make its first public debut after relaunch at this year’s Essen Motor Show. After numerous successes in F1 and being dormant for nearly sixteen years, the legendary Brabham Racing brand has officially made its return to the world of motorsport.

The company plans to build a number of modified BMW vehicles for motorsport use that it will sell to privateer teams. It will also develop and sell a number of tuning and performance mods for several cars from the German luxury carmaker’s lineup.

At the upcoming Essen event, Brabham will present its three first models: the BT92 based on the M3, the BT60 based on the M5, and the BT70 based on the X6 SUV.

Some of the planned mods for both the BMW vehicles and original race cars include using wireframe and F1 construction techniques, engine performance kits, carbon-fiber accessories, and high-performance braking systems.


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