Bugatti only ever planned to build 450 Veyrons, made up of 300 coupes and 150 open-top Grand Sports. Recently, we reported that there were just eight build slots left for the car, and that these slots were all for the open-top Grand Sport (the run of 300 Veyron coupes sold out years ago). Now, Bugatti boss Wolfgang Dürheimer has revealed that the final Veyron, car number 450, will be presented at next month’s 2015 Geneva Motor Show.

Speaking with Auto Motor und Sport, Dürheimer, who also heads British brand Bentley, confirmed that Veyron production ends this year, and that the event marks a special chapter in the long history of Bugatti.

No details on the final Veyron were given but the car is expected to be one of the 1,183-horsepower Grand Sport Vitesse models. We also suspect the car has already been sold.  

Soon, Bugatti’s factory in Molsheim, France will be tooled up to start production of the Veyron’s successor, a faster and more powerful model packing hybrid technology. However, that successor may not come for some time.

When asked if we’ll see the Veyron’s successor launched in 2016, Dürheimer explained that Bugatti doesn’t follow ordinary production cycles and that its cars are comparable to pieces of art, which can take time to develop. This good news is that Dürheimer confirmed any successor will need to perform better than the Veyron in every possible way.

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