Here’s a prime example of why you should never speed on a public road. Because it’s not only you and your own pride and joy at risk, but everyone else you may encounter.

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In the video above, posted to YouTube by Car_Slides (via Wrecked Exotics), a hoon driver in a Ferrari 458 Spider speeds across multiple lanes before cutting in front of a Nissan GT-R whose driver slams the brakes and swerves to avoid an impact.

The GT-R clips the median strip and loses control, eventually hitting another car in the next lane over.

Of course, we can’t see what happened earlier so perhaps the GT-R’s driver is not completely innocent as it appears the hulking sports car is moving considerably faster than the rest of the traffic, meaning the drivers of the two exotics may have been street racing.

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The accident took place last June on a stretch of road in Taiwan. Hopefully the authorities have seen the clip and dealt with the matter appropriately.


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