The 2014 SEMA show had many interesting entries, but for the track rats among us, few were as interesting as the 2016 Dodge Viper ACR Concept. Today, a report claims the car has received the green light for production.

While it might seem an obvious move to make an ACR version of the current Viper given the last version’s ability to claim track records around the world, the latest iteration of the Viper hasn’t been selling well, despite being the best yet.

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It now appears that despite the sales lags the Viper has faced, Dodge is moving ahead with the hardcore, track-focused ACR, according to a report from Allpar citing a “reliable source.” If the production version carries forward the very function-over-form design of the SEMA concept, it will be an impressive beast—and perhaps an equal to the Corvette Z06, at least on track.

The Viper ACR Concept shown at SEMA featured an aggressive carbon fiber aerodynamics package including a splitter, dive planes, and a large fixed rear wing. Fender vents, 19-inch alloy wheels, 15.4-inch front carbon ceramic brake rotors, Brembo six-piston calipers, brake cooling ducts, and differential cooling ducts.

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Unlike the much-adorned exterior, the interior is stripped down, with no radio amplifier, speakers, carpets, and noise reduction elements all removed to save weight. Carbon fiber and alcantara trim elements put back a few sporting touches, but the cabin is intended to be spartan—much like a race car’s.

If the report proves true, Dodge could conceivably have the Viper ACR in production this year, perhaps in time to hit the track this summer—provided there’s a market for it.


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