It's not easy to churn out a steady stream of supercars, but that's what the team at Woking has been doing as of late. McLaren has been hard at work adding more variants to its stable of Super Series cars.

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It all started with the 12C, grew with the 12C Spider, and got even better when the 650S was added to the roster. There's also the For-Asia-Only 625C, and the forthcoming 675LT. Before the long tail arrives, however, McLaren is celebrating the production of the 5,000th vehicle in the Super Series family.

That's a heck of a run for a boutique builder like McLaren. The 5,000th vehicle produced is a bright yellow 650S coupe that is heading to a customer in Australia. We hope it winds up prowling and blasting across empty outback roads or being hustled over the tarmac of some of Australia's great racing circuits.

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As McLaren places that first 12C in its own Heritage Center and the 5,000th vehicle heads down under, we find ourselves very much looking forward to the reveal of the 675LT. That will take place at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. Additionally, the McLaren family will further expand when the Sports Series vehicles start to arrive. This lineup will be represented by a class of cars beneath the supercars of the Super Series.

More affordable McLarens? Yes please!


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