Techart is well known in the aftermarket tuner scene for creating some of the best functional aerokits for Porsche cars, so it comes as little surprise that there has been plenty of interest in the German tuner’s latest kit designed for the facelifted 911 range.

The pieces are constructed from high-quality polyurethane and have been developed using extensive wind-tunnel testing. The new front spoiler not only gives the 911 a slightly more aggressive look, it also reduces buoyant forces on the front axle and ensures optimal air flow to the brakes.

A roof spoiler and a three-way adjustable rear wing allow owners to customize the level of downforce applied on the rear axle to suit different driving tastes and performance needs. There are also a number of different wing styles, including a fully-active unit with an integrated back pressure air channel and additional adjustable gurney flaps.

Other details include decorative carbon-fiber trim for the side mirrors, a chrome finish for the headlights, lightweight wheels, and a custom sports exhaust system with a dual-oval muffler design.

Techart plans to present its new kit plus several other in-progress pieces for the facelifted Porsche 911 at the Essen Motor Show on the 28th of next month.